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Tiny Whale Surf Lodge, Surf Lessons-2244 (1).jpg

Beginner Surf Lessons

Fantastic surf courses for beginner surfers! 


Beginner Surf Lessons

Fantastic surf courses for beginner surfers! 



If you’ve never surfed before or had a couple of lessons and want to go over basics one more time, our dedicated surf instructors will get you up on your feet and progressing in just one week. 

You won't be stuck on one beach! We have the freedom to explore all our great surf beaches, so we can hunt down the best mellow waves that are perfect for beginners! 

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Qualified Instructors

We recruit only the best surf instructors! With at least 2 seasons under there belts, our surf coaches are all highly experienced and passionate about delivering top quality lessons. 

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Structured Course

Our surf coaching techniques will have you progressing from the white water to paddling outback to catch your first green wave by the end of the week! 


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Video Coaching 

You'll receive a video coaching session, so you can see yourself surfing! It’s a great coaching tool to see how to improve your pop up, stance, positioning and learning when to start paddling! 



Head Surf Coach

"This will be my 5th year as a Surf Instructor and 3rd year teaching in the Algarve! We’ve got a great team of instructors, who will get you up and riding in no time. The waves here are perfect for learning, not too big and nice and mellow. We love sharing the stoke with our guests as they catch their first waves!" "

Student Surf Trips - Surf Lesson

Intermediate Surfers

Get out of the white water on our Intermediate Surf Course!

Intermediate Surfers

Get out of the white water on our Intermediate Surf Course!



Feel like your surfing is not progressing? You’re out of the white water but your wave count isn’t something to write home about.

Working with Jan, our specialist Intermediate Surf Coach, you'll have fantastic coaching to progress your surfing in just 1 week. 

At the beginning of the week, we'll access your level and group you with others of the same level. Starting off on fun sized waves to work on technique and moving onto bigger waves by the end of the week to push your surfing to the next level! 


  • Using channels to get out back using less energy
  • Positioning yourself in the line up to be in the best spot to catch waves
  • Reading the waves - no more paddling for waves that don’t break! 
  • Forecasts - learn how to read forecasts and choose the right spot for you
  • Build water confidence and push yourself on bigger waves
  • Test out different boards! You’re not limited to foamies on our surf trips


Jan is a fantastic surf coach! Running Tiny Whale's Intermediate Surf Weeks the past two years, Jan's coaching techniques and course structure has proven progression for every guest.

With video coaching, in water tuition and theory lessons, you'll build confidence, read the waves better and catch more waves than ever. 

Intermediate Surf Coach

Surfing for 16 years

ASI qualified Surf Instructor for 8 years

Working with us for 4 years

Fantastic local knowledge, lived in the Algarve for 5 years 

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Freedom to Explore

You won't be stuck to one beach all week, hoping to get lucky with the waves. We'll be chasing down the best waves for your level, to ensure progression! 

Video Coaching 

Our Intermediate Course includes 2 video coaching sessions. One to set up goals for the week and one mid week to track your progression! 

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In Water Coaching

With small group sizes, you'll get plenty of tuition from Jan. He'll be out back with you, helping you choose the right waves and building your confidence in bigger waves.



Our Advanced Surf Bootcamp will progress your surfing in just 1 week! 


Our Advanced Surf Bootcamp will progress your surfing in just 1 week! 


Most surf camps won’t cater for advanced surfers, only offering surf guiding options. However, we work with specialist an advanced surf coach Justin West to offer great excellent coaching to push your surfing to the next level. 



Specialist Advanced Surf Coach

Surf Coach for 2 National Champions

Personal Trainer for 2 Professional Surfers

Over 30 years surfing experience

20 years surf coaching experience

BSA Level 3 Surf Coach and Competition Judge

FPOS Royal Marine Commandos 



Advanced level surfers require more a individualised coaching structure, so by keeping group sizes small, we can ensure every surfer gets dedicated tuition to get the most out of their week 

At the start of the week Justin will analysis your surfing and set personal goals for the week along with step by step advice on how to reach them. 

With 3 video coaching sessions throughout the week, you’ll be able to see yourself surfing to give you a better understanding of improvements you’ll be working on in the week. 

With in water tuition you’ll receive instant feedback on your surfing. We’ll head out on bigger waves, to build your confidence so you can push yourself on your next surf trip. 

Advanced Surf Coaching 

  • 3 hrs per day of coaching from Justin
  • 3 video coaching sessions - footage to keep
  • Personalised coaching plan
  • Dry land training advice for pro personal trainer
  • Freedom to explore all surf spots
  • Surfboards from 5'8 and up included in week


Bootcamps like this normally cost a fortune! Remember to thank us when you win at BUCS!