Cordoama aka CORDIES

Location: West Coast Algarve

Surf Level: Intermediate to Advanced


Cordoama is an unspoiled beach where the rugged coastline disappears in the salty haze of the ocean. This west coast spot has a long stretch of beach, offering a several peaks and conditions great for all level surfers. 


The wave itself is one of the most consistent right and left beach breaks along this coastline. Generally it’s a short wave, of around 50m. On a good day the length of the wave can stretch from 50-150m.

In the Summer months the North Wind doesn’t really affect it much. Still offers some fun glassy rides.

The best wind direction is SouthEast and East and the best swell direction is West and NorthWest. This typically happens around September and October.


The changeable sea beds are important to look out for, should you decide to surf during low tide as it can get dumpy. The conditions are good when the swell is around 2 or 3 feet and nice surfable peaks appear. This will depend on the banks and the tide. When the tide is higher, around 4-5 feet, the waves tend to be faster with nice barrels, making it dreamy for more advanced level surfers. 


It’s a surf lover's paradise, with golden sand, clear water, a long beach, and a misty atmosphere, you will get lost in the tranquillity of this beach! 

The car park gets busy with campers during summer, but when you can wake up to pumping waves on this epic west coast beach why wouldn't you quit uni and live the #vanlife.