Feel like your surfing is not progressing? You’re out of the white water but your wave count isn’t something to write home about. 

Working with Jan, our dedicated Intermediate Surf Coach you'll work on the following: 


  • Using channels to get out back using less energy
  • Positioning yourself in the line up to be in the best spot to catch waves
  • Reading the waves - no more paddling for waves that don’t break! 
  • Forecasts - learn how to read forecasts and choose the right spot for you
  • Build water confidence and push yourself on bigger waves
  • Test out different boards! You’re not limited to foamies on our surf trips
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  • Intermediate Surf Coach
  • Surfing for 16 years
  • ASI qualified Surf Instructor for 8 years
  • Working with us for 4 years
  • Fantastic local knowledge, lived in the Algarve for 5 years